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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  July 14, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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fired no homes lost by 300 people near call facts remain out of the homes tonight the fire has scores to thousand acres it is 20 percent contained. the to our north crews make progress on a fire burning in man to see no forest since july 7th it is 50 percent contained after consuming 40 square miles that is about 25,000 a., 6,000 a. burned yesterday air quality others were lifted in. the mill fired has destroyed five buildings and no homes damaged three people hurt crews of to have it under control by friday. a fire fighting in the bay area coastal town the district board voted to reestablish a fire department but citizens in do not want to miss they want cal fire to extend its contract lisa
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washington shows us how activist led to reverse the decision their petitions at half moon bay to recall the three board members of the fire protection district they're trying to rebuild the fire department from the ground up it is a huge task in cost more money than cal fire three board members voted to establish a local a controller fire department are making the wrong decision we had our own fire departments and they were an embarrassment there were lawsuits and acrimony we're going forward because we learn from our mistakes he was not on the board went out fire began fire protection on the coast cal fire operates the fire station although the station and equipment are owned by the coast side district the board voted not to renew the
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contract with cal fire this is what is best for coast side and if there are mixed reactions service has been terrific in the community has embraced cal fire with these directors are due in implementing their own vision of what they think fire service should look like i used to work for half a fire when cal fire got here my left because of the conditions i could not support my family supporters of the recall need 2700 signatures to have a recall on the november ballot if not a special election must be held parent lisa washington cbs 5 a psychology professor from israel killed and cycling accident in the east bay the 65 year-old professor was redding in downtown berkeley he was hit by a dump truck he taught at
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hebrew university in israel at for going the lectured at uc berkeley. the driver has not been arrested california drivers will be able to text behind the wheel legally there is one catch carter evans he is tells us they can do it but without hands you should know it is illegal to do this in california handsfree is a different story the texting and e-mailed as off limits until today lawmakers in sacramento updated the rules to allow texting while driving it does not matter which device it has to read text to you and take dictation. keep in mind even when a fall in a row you can still get pulled over for distracted driving the chp officer has seen it all
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pressing their teeth and applying makeup he doesn't have to see what your doing he's looking at your driving and you can still getting a ticket if you maybe following the cellphone law but what was distracting you cause you to make an unsafe lane change the state senator from orange county sponsors the bill he says californians spend too much time on the road and not fair to keep them out of touch he says the law will allow californians to communicate safely and resnsibly and not everyone is short. you are still a distraction and and have accidents he pulls over when it needs to text for talks early in his career he some many distracted drivers and saw them be in the er the new rules passed the assembly today gov. brown signed
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the bill the law goes into effect january 1st. carter evans cbs 5 known for years as chinatown's unofficial backyard the rec center in san francisco has a new name anne mackovic with more. lauren will here to honor her on this new wreck centered in chinatown is named for. her on used to pay at play at the old center it was known as a community backyard. a lot of history that he will grow to be a flight attendant on september 11th at age 45 she was working on board one of the jets that slammed into world trade center. i'm no. 3 on flight 11
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she made that call to authorities by air for the first person to tell the world what was going on. someone was stabbed in business class i think for getting hijacked she of the line for 23 minutes giving information to lead to the shutdown of air traffic and ask ground crew to pray for us and i listened to the tape now it instills amazement in me i'm so moved she was so brave and to know that we are family and that is in my blood she is one of betty's former co-workers no where else still cry it could have been us, many of us wish we would have done a job like that he did. the new building is on mason street paid for by a parked
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osbon an approved in 2008 she is here and honored beyond words. the center opens to the public tuesday morning anne mackovic cbs 5 a church press for a pastor is returned he and a woman from boston force from a bus in egypt where the kidnappers with a kidnapper is and demanding. the spine gets nasty between president obama and mitt romney. and what he wants the president to apologize for. as a brilliant day around the bay area colder than we expect a cool saturday changes in the offing for tomorrow. the entire forecast after a break.
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two americans kidnapped on a bus tour in egypt the man responsible threatened to take more hostages if the man's dot net. dru levenson with the kidnappers as he wants. security tied in egypt's sinai peninsula and on better
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when attacked the 61 year-old pastor and 39 year-old lisa alfonse of boston along with the guide the hostage taker told the associated press it wants to exchange the americans for his uncle in prison. they're part of a church mission traveling in egypt when the bush was ambushed in the middle of the day there with other tourists traveling along a major road to mount sinai that is for the old testament says moses received the 10 commandments. lewis's family is confident and their family will be released but concerned about his health. and he is diabetic his friend describes her as a great mother she's a great mom and a great person a member of the tribe told the ap more people from other
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countries to be abducted unless the demands not met. hillary clinton in egypt to meet with the new president did not mention the objections of the u.s. embassy says it is working with egyptian authorities we're doing everything to ensure safe release. dru levenson cbs news president obama back on the campaign trail spend time in virginia he held a rally outside before moving into a tavern and a richmond suburb the tavern it dates back to the 19th century and designated a national historic site. he stressed the importance of this health-care law. supreme court has spoken is the law of the land we will implement it. and because we implemented young people can stay on their parents' health insurance plans until they're 26.
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obama's campaign spent nearly $100 million on tv ads they focus on creating negative impressions of mitt romney and those attack ads have run the on the defensive. they claim the governor may have committed a felony by misrepresenting his position at and capital. in an interview romney says the accusations are not true and the campaign needs to stop the personal attacks. i had no involvement with bain capital after february 1999 does the president of you an apology? absolutely. my goodness what kind of the president has a campaign that says something like that about the nominee of another party it is reckless and absurd. to all show the president
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opening a gap over his opponent. we're looking at 10 degrees cooler than average this time of year and a warm-up for tomorrow concord has 78 and 63 at oakland for the changes tomorrow details coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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we have the usual along the shoreline low clouds and
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sunshine inland cooler than we expect this time of year. readings in the low to mid '80s in the headlines will lead 4, a little bit of warming for tomorrow and cooling monday. the weather could be interfered by a hurricane brewing in the eastern pacific. we have clouds chilly if your heading out and moonshine temperatures in the mid-60s around the bay and inland. on satellite look at that monsoonal flow firing up over the debt desert southwest during not affecting us in the early going but there is a hurricane, fabio spinning off cobbles son lucas and that could work to the bay area. we might get a thunder bumper or
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to over the bay area that is late in the week but not probable out the door with a for clotting coastline sunny earlier tomorrow we have more sunshine for sunday. future cast bears this out fog and low clouds after sunrise here, it pulls back and away from the shoreline. the indications are things warm- up for tomorrow, for tonight numbers in the '50s. in this city 53 degrees. mountain view in the mid 50s. all the way to redding 103 degrees at the northern end of the sacramento valley, 98 at fresno. 764 loss status, in san jose,
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things have changed, 81 degrees in san jose. pleasant hill checks in at 79. in the north bay readings mostly in the low 80's for tomorrow. it is windy up there. extended forecast we cool down monday, by next weekend sunshine. in july lincecum looking for his fourth win. would try to solve the riddle of what is going on with no. 55. he pitches tonight and will address this again. is it maker break time for tim lincecum what is this? a shopper
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at the bank of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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baseball no question that you follow the game you are in st. by which tim shows up on the mound in a few moments against the astros allport eyes on the two-time cy young award winner who was become the worst picture in the first half of the season. he is just 3-10 this season the
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giants of 14 of his 18 starts. the giants are saying the right things about him. i want to put added pressure on him sometimes you have to do what is right timmy will bounce back, and have a better second half when medium. it looks like he turned the corner. hopefully he'll go out there and throw the ball the way he can. will have to keep an eye on them. the a's lead the twins 7-1 in the fifth. serena williams just two wins from defending her title at the bank of the west classic shall be an action tonight at
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stanford. this afternoon semifinals but koko vanna white lost a qualifier she gets in a big serve, she wins the first set 6- 2, to the third set here's the 20 year-old the biggest match of her career, less go to match point, the niece of former nba player and kiki vanna white place for her first title tomorrow. david lee keeping an eye on his young warrior teammates in the summer league. the first-round pick knows what to do with that 13 points and four steals for him. the other first rounder crashes
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the boards. this is like schoolyard. he get 17 points and charles jacobs takes over the second half. the warriors when that 95-74. the raiders have reached a contract with their safety the deal is for four years according to cbs sports the deal was worth $26 million palance 17 million guaranteed. raiders but the franchise tax on branch. he spent the leading tackler for the last couple seasons. at the u.s. senior open, lance 10 broke was the leader is on the applied one other time this year on champion store his
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familiar with big-time golf he is the caddie for tim perrin. he'll replace about 25 rounds a year. today's third round not sharp and two over par 72. the two-time masters champion from 40 ft., it did go in. he guards a 64 he leads the field at 10 under par. pga stop is the john deere classic. that is try madison he leads by three shots. on his tail steve stricker. shoot 66 to get to 15 under par. nascar nationwide race the 33
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car blocked by the 24, he's not happy, brad kozlowski takes the lead he beats heart ache for the checkered flag. and a kiss for him. that somebody who should not be on the racetrack and is no idea what he's doing in the car. gavin has claws coming up @ 6:30 p.m. the people who track hurricanes play the role of transoceanic traffic cops. new rules they employment for shipping routes and what they try to avoid. will see you back here and half an hour and a 10 and 11 news
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updates @ cbs s f dot com good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> tonight, president obama on the attack. in a campaign trip today he renews accusations that mitt romney outsourced jobs. wyatt andrews has the latest on this escalating debate. >> people, a multibillion dollars settlement that might raise credit card fees for everyone. >> elaine quijano does the math. >> fighting alzheimer's a leading researcher explains the latest effort that could help with early detection and possibly prevention. >> cordes: and south africa's train of hope. >> michelle miller takes us aboard the mobile clinic bringing healthcare into the back country. >> captioning sponsored by cbs


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